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Women's Healing Service

A safe place to talk, learn, and get help.
A great place to start.

 Women often have different challenges, responsibilities, and things they worry about than men.


      The Gumbi Gumbi Women's Healing Service has been created to reduce the obstacles that stop

women from getting help when alcohol or drug use is causing them problems.


We help women get the help they want, by giving them the support they need to start.

      Made just for women, our service is considerate of caring and family responsibilities and provides:



  • A safe space to discuss women’s issues such as sexual and reproductive health

  • Access solutions for women and their non-school age children to appropriate family supported rehabs and services

  • Organisation and management of access to allied health and support services as needed

  • A pathway into Withdrawal and Rehab for those seeking more support


Click on the Applications button below if you would like to apply to join a Gumbi Gumbi program.

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