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Quality at Gumbi Gumbi




We are engaged in alcohol and drug awareness and helping our clients recover from substance misuse, abuse, and addiction.


Our aim is to build and maintain a successful healing facility by consistently meeting the requirements of our clients and other key stakeholders. To achieve this aim; their expectations, needs, and requirements must be identified and met.


We believe that a key contributor to success in this regard is our business management system - which is based on the international quality standard - ISO 9001. Our system ensures that effective controls are consistently applied to our work processes and provides a record of our quality-related activities.


We are committed to maintaining, and continually improving this system. All employees and suppliers are invited and expected to share in this commitment to quality under ISO 9001 standards. We have allocated sufficient resources to ensure that quality remains at the heart of our business.


Any suggestions that may assist us to achieve our aims are welcomed.



        Chief Executive Officer


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