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It's all about the people



As a community-led organisation, established to meet the needs of our people, the faces behind our services have always been essential to our success.

Since it's inception in 1991, the Gumbi Gumbi Drug and Alcohol Residential Rehabilation and Withdrawal Management Facility has been fortunate to benefit from the support and skill of people who care deeply about the work that we do.

Led by a dedicated and passionate volunteer board of management with expertise across a wide variety of professional backgrounds, and operated by staff who always strive to make a positive difference with culturally appropriate services, and the latest recognised practices - we are lucky to be as good as the people behind us.



Board Chairperson - James Waterton


Directors - Rose Malone, Laurie Armstrong, Zhanae Dodd

Executive Management Team:

Paul Gooda
Chief Executive Officer

Debbie Esser
Finance, Human Resources and Quality Assurance

Caroline Cox
Programs and Treatment



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