Applying to Gumbi Gumbi


  1. Complete the referral form or contact the office to make an enquiry.

  2. If available a Gumbi Gumbi intake team member will have a yarn or will return your call on the number you have provided within 2 business days.

  3. You may be asked by the intake team for some additional documents to support your application such as your criminal history or medical summary.

  4. Once your supporting documents have been received and approved, you will be contacted by Gumbi's intake team to arrange a time and date for a further assessment or advised of your suitability and placed on a waiting list until a bed is available.

  5. The Intake team will continue to stay in touch advising of bed availability and any other programs that may be suitable until we can assist. It may be a good idea to apply to other programs to increase your chance of getting the help you need.

  6. Final acceptance into the program will only be given to suitable clients after all supporting documentation has been approved and a bed date provided.

  7. When you are offered a place at Gumbi Gumbi, you will need to ensure you have the required $525 fortnightly rent either prior or on the day you enter our program. 


  • Clothing including Hat, footwear and thongs (Ensure clothing is appropriate for a shared facility)

  • Basic toiletries and Towel

  • Books/ Hobbies (Prior approval required)



During your stay here at the Centre we wish that you gain as much as you can out of our Programs, and it is important that everyone understands healthy boundaries.  We understand that all clients will have their own journey and will work to ensure both group and individual sessions are valuable.  


  • Gumbi Gumbi has the right to exit any client at any time, the duty of care to all clients is paramount and any client deemed too much of a risk to other clients or to staff will be exited

  • Clients who cannot or will not follow clients’ healthy boundaries will be asked to leave

  • No violence, no wilful destruction, and no abuse in any form will not be tolerated (police may be called)

  • No alcohol and/or drugs allowed on the premises – Random drug and alcohol tests will be conducted

  • No intimate relationships on the premises between clients and/or staff

  • Theft will not be tolerated and lead to immediate exit

  • PRIVACY – at no time are clients to enter other client’s rooms

  • Smoking is permitted but only in allocated area

  • Management reserve the right to client’s showing disregard to healthy boundaries may be:

    • Placed on In-stay and/or required to do additional tasks

    • Exited from the premises and reported to police (if required)

DETOX / WITHDRAWAL - 7 to 10 DAYS                     REHABILITATON PROGRAM – 12 + WEEKS



Use of office phone is limited to 10 mins between the below times and subject to phone booking system.

3-5pm & 6-8pm

VISITORS:           Detox – Supervised             Rehabilitation - Unsupervised but monitored

(Bags checked, drug test and breathalyser test will be conducted after visit)


Visitor Times 1 hour:           3:00 PM to   5:00 PM - Thursday and Friday (1 hour only)

                                             9:00 AM to 12:00 PM – Saturday

                                              1:00 PM to   3:00 PM – Sunday

Visitor and Leave Application Forms –subject to approval from our counsellor should it be beneficial for a clients personal recovery journey.


Please ensure you also read the privacy document (below) at the time of application. Feel free to ask any questions you may have about how Gumbi Gumbi protects the privacy of it's clients.

Gumbi Gumbi welcomes all enquiries.

If we are unable to assist your need we will always try to direct you to somewhere that can.