What is Gumbi withdrawal?


                                                        Gumbi Gumbi Withdrawal is a two-week, live-in program for both men and women, designed for people who need some help getting off problem alcohol or drug use. Our withdrawal program is medically supported and provided by caring and qualified support staff which makes it a lot easier to detox from problem alcohol and drug use than trying to get off on your own.

How do you enter the withdrawal program?

We take referrals from other services and ATSI organisations, or participants can contact Gumbi Gumbi in person by either dropping in, emailing or calling.


Before beginning the program Gumbi Gumbi clinical staff will do an assessment to check if the withdrawal program is suitable, and then a GP will do a medical check-up before starting.

People who successfully complete the withdrawal program are eligible to go on to a rehabilitation program if they want to. 

Gumbi Gumbi welcomes all enquiries.

If we are unable to provide you with the services you need we will always try to direct you to somewhere that can.


Click on the Applications button below if you would like to apply to join a Gumbi Gumbi program.