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Drug and Alcohol Awareness Centre

Our services are for anyone who is experiencing negative effects from their alcohol and drug use and want to improve their health and wellbeing via our holistic health and wellbeing programs.
We can help with the difficult process of withdrawal and long-term lifestyle changes through rehabilitation.
Across our programs we offer counselling, support, assistance, and skills development.

The first step in dealing with your problematic alcohol and/or drug use.

A two-week medically-supported residential withdrawal program.

The next step in reducing your alcohol and/or drug use.


Recover your health and wellbeing with our intensive 12-week residential program.

A safe place for women to talk, learn, and get help.

A great start to a better life for women negatively affected by their alcohol and/or drug use.

Click on the Applications button below if you would like to apply to join a Gumbi Gumbi program.

Gumbi Gumbi welcomes all equiries. If we are unable to provide you with the services you need we will always try to direct you to somewhere that can.

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