GumBi GumBi



Drug and Alcohol Awareness Rehabilitation Centre 



 Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders Corporation

Admission Days are Strictly Mon to Wed before 2pm. 


To be admitted, your first step is to contact us between Mon to Fri from 8am to 4pm to arrange an appointment for an Intake Assessment Screen (includes application for admission and information for potential clients).

​We Welcome anyone depending on availability on vacancy and on assessment.

Gumbi Gumbi Aboriginal & Torres StraIt Islanders Corporation 
25 George St,Rockhampton.4701

Central Queensland.




Health Coordinator:
Tel 07 49 22 83 55
Fax 07 49 27 98 89

25 George St, Rockhampton, 4701

25 George St, Rockhampton, 4701

Gumbi Gumbi, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders Corportion. Halo House 25 George Street, Rockhampton.4701